The University of Arizona
NSF Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center @ UofA


The scope of the CAC center broadly encompasses cloud computing systems and applications and the use of autonomic computing methods for the management of these and other IT systems. CAC activities on cloud computing cut across several layers of IT systems, including: hardware platforms for computing, storage and networking; design of data centers that aggregate platforms to provide cloud services; systems software and distributed computing middleware providing programming interfaces and management primitives within and across multiple cloud data centers; applications that leverage the on-demand and scalable nature of cloud platforms; and cyber-security. CAC activities on autonomic computing focus on methods, architectures and technologies for the design, implementation, integration and evaluation of computing systems and applications that are capable of achieving desired behaviors without the involvement of users or administrators. At the intersection of cloud computing and autonomic computing, the center's activities aim to achieve self-management capabilities within and across the layers of cloud computing systems and applications in order to enable independent operation, minimize cost and risk, accommodate complexity and uncertainty, and enable systems of systems with large numbers of components.


Research at the participating universities will be undertaken by faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers from multiple disciplines including electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, aerospace engineering, and mechanical engineering. Where necessary (e.g. ITAR issues), university research participants on specific projects in the Center may be restricted. In addition to university personnel, industry and government partners are welcome to have researchers in residence at the Center or as temporary visitors to campus making use of its facilities.